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Book Cover of Private Matters A Novel by M. H. Mundy

About Private Matters - A Novel What Readers are saying...

“A story of intrigue, abandonment, rejection and hidden love. Most of all, it is the search for truth.” –R. L. Jones

“Readers will relate to the complexities, warmth, and humor that give these characters life.” –Heidi Burros

“Private Matters gives the reader firsthand insight on how secrets can disrupt family dynamics. The book takes us on a journey of bravery… It is an amazing read. The characters all remind me of someone I know.” –Samon R.


About The Story

“The characters are vividly alive & relatable, their psychological makeups diverse, their interactions seem so authentic, and the story line feels so plausible readers can’t help but get pulled into this intriguing and emotionally insightful story.Judith van Naerssen

A mother in turmoil. A jaded daughter. A community to help them heal…

Portia Foster has a big heart—so does her mother—yet something is terribly wrong with their relationship. That’s why Portia decides to take a long break on the farm where her mother grew up. But after a short stay, in the religious and ultra conservative home of her grandparents, she begins to question the longstanding walls that separate her mother from everyone in her family.

Portia’s search for answers uncovers a tragedy buried for over forty years. From her discoveries, she begins to see the emotional scars keeping her family apart and the causes of her mother’s turmoil. Urged on by the desire to help her family, this compassionate twenty-seven-year-old sets out on a journey to mend old wounds.

Had Portia known how complicated things would get, she might never have started out on her mission to make things better. Luckily, she finds a community to guide her to more than she imagined was possible.

What's Next in M. H. Mundy Books

Right now, I’m frantically working on the sequel to Private Matters – A Novel. Honestly, you could call it a prequel. So, that means next up is Private Matters – Inside Eucharist.

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