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M. H. Mundy's Self Portrait

About M. H. Mundy Author of Stories Inspired by Goodness.

Hello. I write fiction & creative non-fiction. I consider myself part humanitarian, part philosopher, part geek and 100% storyteller. Like my self-portrait, I’m a little quirky. That’s because…. well, my background is all jumbled up. Somehow, the quirkiness just kept piling up, beginning with my decade long deep dive into the world’s religions. During those years, I read sacred text, learned Arabic, traveled and spent countless hours in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples. Most memorable are dancing with Hare Krishnas, silent meditation with Buddhists, and Hindu chants.

After all of that being and doing, I settled into writing about the things people do. My interest in what makes people tick led to degrees in both psychology and sociology. So, as you might have guessed, my stories spring from an obsession with human behavior.

Well, what does it all mean?

Sometimes, as many people do, I wrestle with self-doubt, low self-esteem and even a general feeling of non-belonging. For me, it’s the dance, the song and the rhythms of just being that drive me. But what happens when we just can’t? Can’t be human, can’t accept, can’t let go, can’t just be? These questions have guided me to write stories inspired by goodness. Perhaps others, like me, get stuck in the space between being real, healthy and fully alive. Let’s liken, this in-between space to a void. In there, we are unseen, faceless and suffering. I write about escaping these spaces.

What did it lead to?

Today, I embrace the complexities of being human. It helps me to bring depth to characters by blending a delicate mixture of phobias, longings, joys and fears with touches of love and kindness. Most of all, my wish is to connect with, inspire and join in community with readers who love stories about strong characters (mostly women) who overcome life’s challenges to find inner peace.

Don't wait. Read my novel.

Private Matters, My debut novel, is a story of healing. Right now, it is available o Amazon, and I’m frantically working on the sequel, Private Matters – Inside Eucharist.