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A story of intrigue, abandonment, rejection and hidden love. Most of all, it is the search for truth.” – Beta reader


A mother in turmoil. A jaded daughter. And a community that will help them heal.

Portia Foster is a twenty-seven-year-old woman expecting to inherit the family accounting firm from her mother, Frances Foster. Yet, after Frances has a meltdown, Portia strives to put space between herself and her mother.

Portia escapes to the family farm where her mother grew up. Unexpected events lead her to question everything she knows about her mother. Digging through the layers of clashing realities becomes tenuous as she toils to find the truth.

In time, Portia discovers a community which helps her understand herself and the private matters, which built the walls that have mentally held her mother captive for more than four decades.

Dear Reader

“Writing this story has been a wonderful adventure. I hope the characters will come to life for you as they did for me as I poured my soul into these pages.”


Coming Soon

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Portia Foster is a twenty-seven-year-old woman who has a close but troubled relationship with her mother, Frances Foster. This sensitive, loyal woman is fed up with all the crazy antics her mother throws her way. Hoping to keep her life from falling apart she journeys back to the farming community where her mother grew up. While there Portia begins to see her family like never before. Her new insight causes clashes between everyone around her until their close-knit family begins to leak out all the dirty truths they worked desperately to hide.

In time, Portia works to build bridges despite the upsets. With the help of friends she wakes up to life and finds her own way of being a part of the family she loves.


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